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Darn Dazzling Code

You may not always need a customized software solution. You may be able to get started with our machine vision platform and scheduling software.

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Hiottu Studio

Hiottu Studio is a Quick Option for Machine Vision Implementation

For simple machine vision implementations, we have created a ready-made Hiottu Studio machine vision platform. All you need is a camera, optics and a computer, and Hiottu Studio will take care of the rest. With implementations that require more customization, Hiottu Studio serves as a starting point for the customized software solution.

Scheduling Software Kits

Use Scheduling Software to Optimize Processes

Our scheduling software kits are web-based resource planning and optimization tools.

Our scheduling software can serve as a tool for sales by optimizing scheduling. For example, it can help you minimize transition time between meetings. Concurrently, your company’s carbon footprint will decrease.

Our resource planning software is a great tool for project management and resource distribution. With the help of the resource planning software, you can create a project timeline, optimize material consumption, and ensure you have the right people handling the right assignments at the right time.