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We specialize in industrial machine vision solutions that require expert knowledge.

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We specialize in industrial machine vision solutions that require expert knowledge. Sometimes we need to see beyond the limits of human vision. We need an eye that never tires.

Machine vision can be used to identify shapes, distinguish objects, and perform quality assurance.

Hiottu helps you see more precisely.

What is Machine Vision?

In computer vision, the camera and the software interpret information in tandem. The software is taught to identify certain features in an object, and based on those features, it can recognize quality deviations, take precise measurements, and improve the efficiency of production processes.

Machine vision solutions improve working conditions in production plants by allowing machines equipped with cameras to handle the most unpleasant and taxing tasks. At the same time, the quality of the end product improves and leads to better customer satisfaction.

Simply put, machine vision systems consist of a computer, a camera, optics, lighting, and software – so it’s a full production! However, the practical implementation is not quite as simple: the components and the software need to be carefully selected based on the situational needs and the application in use. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right hardware, in addition to compatible software.

Hiottu’s Machine Vision Solutions

We implement machine vision solutions either as part of a larger project or as a complete turnkey delivery – depending on your needs.

When necessary, we offer consultation for the right camera and lighting solutions. We are committed to delivering a polished product!