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In addition to desktop applications, we also design cloud-based software solutions.

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In addition to desktop applications, we also design cloud-based software solutions.

A well-designed software is intuitive and adapts easily to a variety of terminals.

Some examples of web-based software implementations include various ERP solutions, system reforms, and solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and business process efficiencies, such as warranty and feedback systems.

Web programming also allows you to create a completely new digital business and add to your selection of services. At Hiottu, we like to be challenged and want to be your trusted partner through every stage of digitalization – we will make your digital dreams come true with skillful and polished web programming!

All our software implementations are responsive and work on a variety of terminals. This creates a pleasant end-user experience, regardless of screen size. Our solutions are always built to meet the user needs.

User Experience is What Matters

A well-designed software implementation makes the user experience seamless.

A software user interface that works in a browser: mostly, the average user experiences software through the appearance and functionality of the user interface. These form the user’s perception of the software quality, a factor that needs to be considered during software development. However, the invisible part of the software is equally important: the databases must be well-designed, and the programming carefully executed.

A Carefully Planned Software Project will Succeed

Software implementation requires careful planning and a proper software requirements specification. During the specification process, we will identify your needs and operational objectives, and form a shared understanding of what functionality the software needs to have.

We will monitor progress toward objectives throughout the software project according to mutually agreed upon procedures. This way, you stay updated at all times.

We will plan software updates on a case-by-case basis according to your needs.