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Hiottu creates digital solutions that enable our customers to streamline their processes and increase their productivity despite constant change.

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What We Do

Hiottu creates digital solutions that enable our customers to streamline their processes and increase their productivity despite constant change.

Our work allows our customers to become more sustainable with raw materials and natural resources. As processes evolve, our clients can reassign their staff from physically taxing and unpleasant responsibilities to work that is more productive and better supports health and well-being.

The Way We Work

We are your trusted partner through various stages of digitalization. We create unique, polished solutions for software for industrial uses, machine vision and web programming.

We work both for and with people and are committed to a polished product. We familiarize ourselves carefully with our customers’ needs, and don’t shy away from challenges.

Our work style is agile. We choose programming languages and methods based on our customers’ needs because we want the final product to be relevant and purposeful.

Our coding has been carbon neutral since October 2021.

Our Values

Our central tenet is honesty. We value our people, accountability, developing our craft, and being responsive to customer needs.

Valuing Our People

We work both for and with people. For us, being people-centric means that we value people the most, in both customer and employee relationships.

Our customer relationships focus on the person, not the company. As employees, we represent Hiottu because we are valued and supported as individuals. Transparency is part of our work culture, and we share information with all teammates. We are also in touch with our customers regularly.

Being Responsive to Our Customers’ Needs

It is important for us to meet your needs. We respond to inquiries quickly and carefully familiarize ourselves with our customers’ challenges so that we can always present them with a polished solution.

Professional Growth and Accountability

Accountability is part of our identity. We will always do our best for you, and let you know right away, if we are unable to help, or if another solution is better than our proposal. Our accountability is also reflected in our equitable pricing structure.

The world around us is constantly changing, and Hiottu will only move forward if we recognize the importance of continuous learning for our employees. We are constantly training, sharing ideas, knowledge and lessons learned. Therefore, we always have the most up-to-date information, technologies, and tools at our disposal.


Our Story

Our story began in 2005 when Hiottu Oy was founded.

Ever since then, we have been there whenever our clients have needed customized programming requiring special skills. We care about fulfilling our customers’ wishes and needs – the tougher the project, the better for us, because we love challenges!

We have been part of the Raute Group since 2021.