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We are your trusted partner through every stage of digitalization. We create unique, polished solutions for software for industrial uses, machine vision and web programming.

Machine Vision

Machine vision can be used to identify shapes, distinguish objects, and perform quality assurance.

Software for Industrial Uses

Software designed uniquely for our clients help improve processes, reduce errors, and increase safety.

Zero Carbon Coders

Accountability is at the heart of our operations. Today, carbon neutrality is our way of coding.

Our Services

We Are Your Trusted Partner Through Every Stage of Digitalization.

We develop customized software solutions that require expert knowledge for machine vision and other industrial uses.

We create digital solutions that enable our customers to streamline their processes and increase their productivity despite constant change.

Our work allows our customers to become more sustainable with raw materials and natural resources. As processes evolve, our clients can reassign their staff from physically taxing and unpleasant responsibilities to work that is more productive and better supports health and well-being.

We work both for and with people, and are committed to a polished product. We familiarize ourselves carefully with our customers’ needs, and don’t shy away from challenges.


Lunawood – Machine Vision Solution for a Lumbermill

For Lunawood, we implemented a machine vision solution that identifies whether a board is heartwood or sapwood side up.

Because they already had a rotating mechanism in use, we developed a software that performed an image-based analysis to make the determination, then added a suitable camera, optics, and a computer to complete the machine vision solution.

Initially, the goal was set at a success rate of 95%, but in the end the client reported a 97% success rate. Their work ergonomics improved significantly, and the staff that had previously done the analysis visually, could be assigned to new responsibilities.



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