When the project gets tough, the tough get going – building software the Hiottu way

At Hiottu, we create digital solutions that enable our customers to streamline their processes and increase their productivity despite constant change. Our central tenet is honesty. We value our people, accountability, developing our craft, and being responsive to customer needs. We care about fulfilling our customers’ wishes and needs – the tougher the project, the better for us, because we love challenges!

But enough of the big words. Let’s hear what our customers say!

“An innovative software company”

Our Lahti-based customer Stalatube Oy is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-strength stainless steel structures, and up to 94% of its products are exported. For Stalatube, we coded a mobile app that enables the company to accurately capture and document shipments and their contents as they are sent around the world. “Hiottu is a rare IT company in that it really understands industrial processes”, says Ari Puputti, ICT Manager and Business Controller at Stalatube. “The fact that you have to explain how processes work from cover to cover slows down cooperation. Communication is on a whole different level when the other party understands what our business is.”

“I would say that Hiottu is an innovative software company. If your partner can come up with suggestions for improvements that you haven’t even thought of yourself, you’ve come a long way. There are not many IT companies like this”, says Mauri Tura, Transport Manager at Stalatube.

They both recommend Hiottu, especially to companies in the industrial sector. Everything that was promised has been delivered.

“Collaboration has always been easy”

Raute Kajaani and Hiottu have a long history of cooperation in machine vision, and Hiottu has been part of the Raute Group since 2021. Today, the two companies work together to develop AI applications and digital services. According to Markus Sirviö, who used to lead the Kajaani plant and is today the Executive Vice President at the Analyzers Business Unit at Raute, Hiottu has been one of the partners that do things under the hood. Although Raute has strong application expertise itself, Hiottu is often used to help with projects.

“For example, when we need to research something new, such as new cameras or multi-camera imaging, we work with Hiottu.”

Sirviö says that collaboration has always been easy. Hiottu always provides good preliminary studies, which allows the client to quickly choose between different ways of proceeding.

“Hiottu’s ability to see things cleverly and break them down into understandable pieces is exceptional. Based on my own experience, I can recommend Hiottu even in quite bold situations, when you don’t necessarily have a clear idea of how to do something. If Hiottu doesn’t have the answer, they will point you in the right direction, thanks to their very extensive network of collaborators in the research world”, says Sirviö.

“The best partner of all”

Pohjolan Rakennusvalvonta (PRV) provides construction control services to developers, construction companies and private individuals. At the heart of the service is a digital activity management tool called Quality Chain, designed by PRV and produced by Hiottu.

“Or actually, we should talk about an operations platform”, says Vesa Hyrkäs, the company’s CEO. The chain ensures that all PRV’s projects are managed, resourced and documented – factors that contribute to the smooth running of projects. It has also been important to ensure the quality of the service provided by PRV. All project data, documents and permits are stored in Quality Chain even after the project has been completed.

“We have received the necessary information on the progress of the project, and of course the features we have requested in Quality Chain. And as the costs have remained more or less the same as when we started budgeting, I can say that Hiottu has been the best partner of all”, says Hyrkäs.

How do we do it?

Our customer loyalty is at an exceptionally high level. We like our customers, and we like to keep them. But unlike many IT companies, we do not keep them by force and vendor lock-in. We don’t tie our clients down or restrict them: the solutions we build are given extensive rights of use, and the customer can continue with another operator if they wish.

How, then? “It all comes down to doing as good a job as possible”, says Satu Lapinlampi, Hiottu CEO. “Our staff are at the customer interface and are very good at listening to the customer. We trust what we do: there is no need to use gimmicks to keep the customer.”

To succeed in our work, we need to have a thorough understanding of your situation and your needs. That’s why we get to know our customers exceptionally well.

A few tips from our team

Before you start shopping for software, you should find out these things:

  • What is to be achieved?
  • What is the new software supposed to do?
  • What process will the new software involve?
  • What is the overall process like?
  • How will the software help in this process?
  • What problem will the system solve? Where will savings be made?
  • Do you have a longer project in mind instead of a single need? Do you already have a tentative roadmap?
  • Is there already a finished product that might meet your needs?
  • What is your budget?